S.A.M wishes everyone a very Happy Independence Day!

SAM wishes everyone a very Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate our 72nd Indepence Day, we thought of sharing some interesting mathematical facts about our National Flag.

  • Shape: As per the Indian Flag Code, the shape of our National Flag should be a rectangle
  • Ratio: The ratio of length and width of the Indian National Flag is 3:2
  • Panel Size: The tricolor panels of the flag should be equal in size (both in terms of length and width)
  • Position of Ashoka Chakra: The Ashoka Chakra is placed right at the centre of the white panel
  • Making of the Ashoka Chakra: It is made of 24 spokes which are equally spaced
  • Other Fact: The flags hoisted on Red Fort & Rashtrapati Bhavan are of 12*8 feet in size

(FUN Time) Let us check how much you know about our National Flag:

Children of Pre-Primary Level (Upto Senior Kg)

  1. How many basic shapes do you see in our National Flag? Can you describe them?
  2. How many colors do you see in our National Flag? Can you describe them?
  3. Can you count the number of spokes inside the Ashoka Chakra?
  4. How many types of lines can you see in the National Flag?

Children of Primary Level (Class 1 to Class 3)

  1. Can you find any parallel lines in our National Flag?
  2. Are there any lines which are perpendicular to one another?
  3. How many rectangles can you see in our National Flag?
  4. Given that each line is evenly placed in the below image, what is the degree of angle between two lines?

Children of Secondary Level (Class 4 to Class 6)

  1. Please find the length and breadth of the above Flag.
  2. How much cloth of each colour will be required to make the flag with above dimensions?

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