S.A.M is Revolutionizing Maths Teaching for Indian Children
with its award winning math program for 3+ to 12 years old, based on Singapore Math Pedagogy

How S.A.M Works?

S.A.M provides holistic math enrichment experience to children through a combination of Classroom Experience (once or twice a week at your nearest S.A.M Centre) and Worksheet Experience (to be practiced independently, at home the entire week to reinforce the concept introduced in the class).

Why S.A.M Works?

Focus On

We focus on conceptual understanding of maths, not memorization of steps.

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We follow the principle of visual learning as against rote learning which makes math learning fun and engaging.

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We put significant emphasis on developing higher level competencies like problem solving and thinking skills.

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We customize our program & introduce them to children individually and not in groups.

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What Parents Say About Us?

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SAM Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise Opportunity at S.A.M provides you an opportunity to run your own S.A.M centre in your vicinity. We are looking for passionate people who aspire to own a business and share our passion for educating young minds.

What's New @ S.A.M India

Kanpur + Jabalpur = Two new centres

08 Oct 2017, Announcement, India

S.A.M comes to Kanpur & Jabalpur. We are double happy to announce the launch of our two new centres.

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Exposing Your Kids to Math Concepts in the Real World will Increase their IQ Level

03 Aug 2017, Informative, India

Studies have shown that early exposure to math and applying it in the real world increases childís IQ level. Children may begin to understand the concept of numbers as early as three (3)years of age, even if they may not be able to write or recite numbers yet, says Lau Chin Loong, Co-founder of Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.). SAM is a Singapore Math enrichment program for kids.

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